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( A poem I made  during 3 lunch breaks at Littlewoods, my first workplace 8 days after I arrived in England)

Every day is yet a new single world
Although the eyes are open wide
Blinding darkness consumes the light
Missing home just so painful, the new place so unkind

Few weeks later after November 22, 2007 (date I came to UK), my good kumpare Cesar Realista offered me a simple tour at some nice places close to where we live so I had the chance to leisurely walk around one of the popular tourist destinations of the country –BLACKPOOL. It is


Blackpool at night with the stunning wheel and tower

a coastal town in Lancashire, which has so much of historical significance to the country way back at World War I. This gorgeous place is about 40 miles from Manchester. I have learned that the name BLACKPOOL must have been given to the place from a famous drainage channel that stretched over a peat bog or mire releasing discoloured water into the Irish Sea which eventually formed a black pool. (more…)

The big ball of fire we call SUN that we see everyday is just one of the billions of stars in the vast universe. Like our own planet Earth, it is also moving at a great pace around the galaxy.  Although as we observe it from our reference point on Earth it looks stationary, it is moving at an enormous speed of 8.0 x 10 5 km/h which means it could take a complete orbit in 250 million years.  It is believed to be moving in the direction of a star VEGA that follows its path which science called the Solar Apex.


photo courtesy

But this activity obviously is not the reason for sunset and sunrise.  We know that the Earth moves around its axis 24 hours a day, and revolve in its orbit around the sun 365 days a year.

The sun’s motion in this Solar Apex is not trouble-free, the rough distribution of matter in the milky way brings about bobbling up and down of the massive bodies in the solar system. This would mean that our planet is naturally exposed to being knocked by massive celestial debris.

Pollution is a serious problem worldwide. The Earth which used to abundantly provide human everything it needs, has been turned into a biggest dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish.


assorted rubbish

The environment is becoming so filthy that some areas are no longer in shape to provide what they intend to do.  That’s the cost of technological advancement, at the expense of the earth’s health. (more…)