And They Call It BLACKPOOL

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Favourite Places in the UK
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Few weeks later after November 22, 2007 (date I came to UK), my good kumpare Cesar Realista offered me a simple tour at some nice places close to where we live so I had the chance to leisurely walk around one of the popular tourist destinations of the country –BLACKPOOL. It is


Blackpool at night with the stunning wheel and tower

a coastal town in Lancashire, which has so much of historical significance to the country way back at World War I. This gorgeous place is about 40 miles from Manchester. I have learned that the name BLACKPOOL must have been given to the place from a famous drainage channel that stretched over a peat bog or mire releasing discoloured water into the Irish Sea which eventually formed a black pool.

What Blackpool Can Offer

ILLUMINATIONS: The lengthy road near the seaside is transformed into a magical array of arc lights creating an impression of artificial sunshine that makes night time so attractive and amazing.  At the onset of autumn, people from different parts of the country travelled to Blackpool to witness this spectacular display of colourful radiance and golden glow made from fibre optics, LED lights, and laser technology.


the magnificient Tower Ballroom

PLEASURE BEACH: It’s not a beach by the way, but from this massive place, you could actually glimpse not from afar the beautiful Irish sea that added loveliness when you are on the rides. It is a theme park that boasts its challenging roller coasters (just the likes of Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna). Pleasure Beach attracts millions of people every year young and old alike, more popular rides include Pepsi Max Big One, the Bling, the Valhalla, the Big Dipper, and many others.

Blackpool is also famous with immense ballroom halls of extraordinary interiors particularly the Tower Ballroom which is renowned for its exquisite adornment.

I like Blackpool because you feel like at home at hearing people’s screams and laughing their hearts out. I could in fact remember the educational tours that we have had back in the Philippines.


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