Posted: November 8, 2009 in Poem3
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( A poem I made  during 3 lunch breaks at Littlewoods, my first workplace 8 days after I arrived in England)

Every day is yet a new single world
Although the eyes are open wide
Blinding darkness consumes the light
Missing home just so painful, the new place so unkind
People around seem lazy and uncomforting
The burden so heavy, struggles tail along
Pouring heartaches of remembering home
The good times were gone, and friends have flown
My home I know is not this land
Scenes of life not pure as mine
The streets are full yet hearts are empty
The crowd so many but never happy
In my home I miss the laughter and smiles
Abode of simple life so genuine and kind
Innocent cries of the young are like angels singing
Like the white clouds chasing wind, soft and tender
I miss my home, I miss the pristine
The family so loving and endless embracing
I miss my home, I miss the simple life
The country I love, the best place I have.
  1. jovi diaz says:

    a poem that really express as YOU…job well done…hope sometimes you can help me to do my blog… you can be my mentor…. is it ok ?sir.

    • earlied says:

      Hi Jovi,

      Thanks for the comments…hope we can sit down and exchange ideas about blogging…am more than willing to help any way I can. Thanks again and more power