From the SUN to the SNOW (Part 1)

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Personal
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(This is a two-part article, this page contains the first part and the next part will be posted next week : Earlie)

So what’s in the title to sound very extreme?  Since this is my first post to commence my blog, I prefer to share to you how destiny brought me to this land of kings and queens, the land of unpredictable weather (I should say),   England.

I never dreamed of travelling far, I mean far places that would seize me away from my family. I am content with the simple kind of life, uncomplicated, laid back, and beautiful.  In fact as a kid, I would feel so lost to be away from my parents. My first experience to live a separate home was when at 13 years old I went to Cebu City (Philippines) because my Aunt took me there to study, that was two decades ago. That was the loneliest feeling I had ever experienced then that I had to cry silently just to relieve myself. I was extremely desperate that when the school year had finished, I went back home to Davao to continue my high school.  To see my parents and my siblings again was more than a relief, it was so reassuring and comforting.


Apo View Hotel, one of the best hotels in Davao City, located at the heart of the city's busy streets

I was home at last! Then I said to myself that I would not leave Davao that long ever again.


During our wedding at Redemptorist Church, Bajada, Davao City

I simply adore my place called Davao, its geographic endowment is just too marvellous to resist, the diversity of its culture and people makes it so attractive and amazing, the richness of Davao’s natural resources is more than sufficient to provide its populace a healthier life. This is where and how life is. The beautiful beaches that abound this land of promise, the fantastic friends who are honestly faithful and sincere, the people who don’t fail to give you a cheering beam, the laughter you can hear in the sidewalks, jeepneys of colourful Filipino ingenuity, and the sunshine that does not only smile at you in the morning and bites you at noon, but also amuses you as it descends to say goodlbye late in the afternoon skies.

But life like the weather today is indeed unpredictable, you will not be certain on what’s going to happen the next morning, will you? In my case, I didn’t see that one day I’ll be flying to the opposite part of the globe. And it was not for nothing.  It was because I found someone who would make life more beautiful than it used to be.  I met my wife and life has changed so much for the better.  The thought of leaving Davao for a long time though was honestly no joke.  It pained me, and it hurt my love ones too who would stay behind. But time as always eventually mend every broken pieces of self and put it back rather tougher the next time. Then my journey to England began to share the promise of love with my wife, build a family, and enjoy life where destiny has taken us.

pearl farm

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, located at Garden City of Samal, Davao

It was a wonderful sunny morning, when I bade Davao goodbye, scenes of laughter and many happy familiar faces kept flashing in my mind as the plane started to budge.  I really insisted to go alone to the airport because perhaps I did’nt want tears to say farewell as my loved ones hands waving, slowly fading in the crowd. I knew,  it was going to be long, longer than what I did not bother to imagine.  I had another 12 hours to close my eyes and just enjoy more vistas of recollection of the life and sights of Davao.


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