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At 1:00 in the morning on November 3, 2009…my wife Leah grousing in pain woke me up and told me she’s already having contraction. So I swiftly looked for the maternity bag which was actually geared up couple of weeks ago.


Thomas Miguel moments after his delivery

My wife being so thorough with roughly everything, started to sort out the essential items for the coming of our second child when she was yet 7 months expectant, (oh my word, she’s just so annoying when it comes to things like these, but I realise though how best it is to have everything ready…and she got my nod for being such). Her experience of pain while on labour reminded me once more how hard it is for a mother, that after taking care of the baby for nine long and incredible months inside herself, she still has to undergo the greatest pain of bringing a new life into this world.

While the time ticked half past 1:00 am, her contraction started to feel at regular intervals, from every 10 minutes, it moved down to every five minutes, so I wasted no time and ran down to where the phone is, dialled a combination of number, and get connected to the labour ward of the Rochdale Infirmary. Gasping a little (as if I was the one who’s on labour), I explained to the very kind lady on the other end of the line that my wife is on labour and she’s having painful contraction at regular gap at the moment.


Thomas Miguel after 1 day at Rochdale Infirmary,England

Following the standard practise of the hospital, she asked me few questions regarding computer details, and instructed to make our way down immediately to the ward.

It maybe more than an instinct of an expectant mother, or a conspiracy with the baby, that explains why we asked a very close friend to pick up our 13 months son Matthew Earl at 9:00 the night before, because my wife felt the baby was coming anytime. Matthew wondered where he was going but we just kept our emotions frigid as we overheard him crying while the car he was in slowly moved away. Honestly, there was some pain inside to know he’s not sleeping with us on that night, I can sense my wife was struggling too, yet I sidetracked the conversation to avoid more poignant lines. I convinced myself he would be fine there. A million thanks anyway to Bopip and Balot Aparis for being just a ring away 24/7.

The midwife was very warm when she led us to the labour room, provided her the profiling bed, waited till my wife was comfortable, and started to put on those wires that monitored the baby and the mother. The tightening of her uterus went on regularly, but the opening of the cervix was not yet considerably good to say that the baby was coming very soon. We waited patiently, that I could clearly hear the baby’s heartbeat coordinating the complains of pain from my wife. As the contraction went on, so did I looking at the clock counting how many minutes had gone…then hours..The midwife was back again to check the print-out of the monitoring gadget. Surprisingly, the contraction went slower and at longer gaps that at 9:00AM, Mary, the new assigned midwife said the baby seemed shy and might not be ready yet, so she advised us to go home.


Our handsome Miggy after 6 days

I grabbed the maternity bag, put the sling on my shoulder, assist my wife and off we went home. We simply agreed the advise, because true enough, there were no more strange activities inside my wife’s tummy and it was pretty useless to stay at the infirmary. But as the hand of the clock hit 11:00 AM, while my wife was lying on the bed, she blurted out and cried that the bag of water has broken up, she was in pain due to contraction, that time was more painful and at shorter gaps. I called the hospital again and told the midwife that liquid with blood had started running down from my wife’s, my wife on the other hand called up Balot Aparis to come over. As I was packing up again, Balot came and suggested to call the Emergency Assistance as my wife was in extreme pain and she could hardly stand on her feet. Thanks to Lucille again (a.k.a. Balot) for a very wise decision to call the ambulance service.

After few minutes, two crews from the NHS (National Health Service) ambulance team went over to our house, proceeded straight upstairs and found my wife struggling to both pain and discomfort, They lifted her up and slowly took her to the service outside, put her on the stretchers and off we went back to the infirmary. Ironically, the hospital is just few blocks away, but since she was literally helpless, we have to use the emergency service. After less than five minutes, she was on the same bed as she was earlier this morning, but that time screaming in pain, grabbing my hand as tight as she possibly could.

The baby’s head was already in view when Mary (the midwife who sent us home) asked my wife to push harder. She could feel that Thomas Miguel (that’s what he would be called) was finally ready in just few more pushes.

matthew1 Matthew Earl learning how to flip pages in a book

As my wife experienced another long painful contraction, she gave it all this time, and magically, a new life cried in relief as my wife tried to maintain her consciousness. I was reassured too, that they were both alright. Whilst the baby was put in the incubating platform, my wife’s tears fell on her cheek showing her deep happiness that everything went really well and good. I was more than elated, I was overwhelmed…and thankful to God that HE was there all the time although unseen, yet he heard our prayers…..ALWAYS.

Baby Thomas Miguel came at 12:10PM, weighing  8lbs 14oz.

( The author would like to express his gratitude to everyone who greets good luck and congratulations on Thomas Miguel’s birth. We thank you honestly for all your encouraging words and presents. Thank you especially to Bobip and Balot Aparis, who are always kind and thoughtful, Ate Vicky Pidliswij and Family for being so supportive in everything, Jovi and Audie Diaz for their invaluable presence,Clay Dumanjug for the time, Ate Lita Shepherd and family, Victoria, and Michelle, Ate Mila, Marivic & Fedie…and to everybody that I could not mention here, our hearts have truly appreciated your good wishes. Thank you.)

  1. claceygracey says:

    hi tito earl-
    si mating ni!i hope to see the new baby (if only for a short while) when i come back from Preston on 2nd of December-we fly to Davao from London the next day so I want to see if I could meet the BB! oh ye i started a new blog as well-

    i plan to blog my month long holiday in davao so make sure u read and comment! xxx hello kay tita leah and matchoo!

    • earlied says:

      hi MATING,

      Thanks for dropping by and congratulations for your new job…Anytime you can visit Miggy..your tita Leah just stays in the house (at least for now..)…

      I’m gonna look forward to your davao escapades posts..


  2. vida says:

    i think miggy looks like me, hehe x

    • earlied says:

      Hi vidz,

      thanks so much ..that’s what mike and balot said…miggy looks like you….good for are beautiful then he must be gorgeous too…hehehe

  3. Really handsome baby boy , sir! Congrats.

    Your blog must be his twin! hehehe… Contents are good good very good! tc

    • earlied says:

      Hi Hildz,

      Thanks for dropping by..and thank you more for appreciating my blog contents…and our baby…hehehe..Just starting to love blogging you see..I am still reading resources to improve it..Thanks again and see you when I see you…Regards to your family.

  4. Mikel_ERic says:

    i read all your blogs…the posts u made are so nice…very extraordinary…

    it seems like a lot of people visit ur blog…and will keep on visiting more everyday because of the way you express your thoughts…

    God Bless u and ur family always!!!

    • earlied says:


      Thanks mike..your words of encouragements mean so much..i will keep posting articles which are interesting and valuable to distinct readers..thanks again and you are always welcome to post your comments here…

  5. ark says:

    I know what you have been feeling during that moment when your wife is already in labor sir. The sense of panic, excitement and fear.

    My wife also gave birth to our fist baby last October 24 through CS due to her not-good health condition. Fortunately, she as well as our baby are OK.

    Anyway, congrats to you and God bless your family. Nakaduha na ka sir, hehe..

    • earlied says:


      Salamat kaayo, I have seen your baby’s video and he’s cute and looking healthy….liwat sa amahan gyud…’s our second child and thankful that they were both normally delivered..
      Congrats as well sa inyong first baby…it’s fun to have an angel at home….lingaw kaayo especially kung magsugod na siya ug yaw-yaw nga dili masabtan..hehehe..
      God bless your family and more power sa blogs nimo.

    • ark says:

      Thanks sir. Excited na gani mi na mudako na siya, hehe.. Good luck and more power din sa iyo.