Posted: November 12, 2009 in Poem2

( A poem that I wrote for Matthew Earl)

It’s funny to ask you my little one

These questions I grope in mind

But allow me to know it though

And pardon me if I’m a baby too

When your Mama takes her vitamins?

How does it reach to you?

Or when she guzzles a lot of rice

Do you find it nice?

When Mama drinks her morning milk?

Does that provide you a fine clench?

Or when she tries to sip soda

Are you bothered about the cola?

The chocolates that she likes to bite

Do they deliver you a strike?

Or probably you like them much

Since you don’t give a complaining spank

I suppose you love the bread, the butter, and yogurts

Fish and chips too, or some chicken and pork,

Most likely ice cream, crisps, and bits of nuts

Just like your mother, no exemptions or buts

Do you like strawberries, the cherries, and apples?

Your Mama chomps them fresh and pure

Yet yellow banana is what she likes more

The nutrient’s whole but potassium makes it full

How about the music that she loves to listen

Does it offer you a harmony to swing?

How about the songs that she never sings

Could you ever tell me how you adore them

These my little one are the queries in my mind

And you might not answer them with expectant smile

One thing I am certain with you inside

Your Mama loves you so much, no ifs and no buts

  1. vida says:

    hiya, your heart is so pure and you have the sweetest soul….luv u bro.

  2. francis III says:

    nice poem sir…. may pagka makata man sad diay ka sir….

    • earlied says:

      Francis III,

      Thanks….hahahaha..but i actually love to jot down poems in my most sentimental moments…this is an old one actually, when Matthew Earl, my eldest was still in his mommy’s tummy….Salamat …and God bless..