Posted: November 19, 2009 in Entertainment

by Earlied

It is so infuriating to see better talents leaving week after week but that is how it seemed to be working in the UK’s reality singing search the X-factor. By the way X-factor is Britain’s version of the American Idol.  At first, it was the three-girl group Miss Frank’s second week performance which did not draw much of the public vote that eventually sent them home.  They were very potential singers and their chemistry, though unsubstantiated at the start, is simply fantastic. Each of the girls has her own unique stage presence and charisma.

TERRIBLE.  The X-factor is supposed to be a talent search and not a popularity competition. But voters give the impression that they support those who have no real talents but might have the face value or the personality.  Consider the case of Rachel Adedeji, her vocal prowess is the best of this batch, yet twice found herself at the bottom two.  She was saved twice but was dropped eventually in favour of someone who is not just consistently below the standard, but in fact did not perform well in the sing off.

HORRENDOUS. I expected the public voters would learn a lesson after Rachel’s very heartbreaking end in the competition.  Yet, another appalling result came the following week when Danyl Johnson, the male’s best performer landed in the bottom spot.  It was unbelievable that the audience-voters were like deaf spectators who did not hear him sing, and did not see him own the stage with so much confidence.  Being confident like what he did in his performances is not being cocky.

ATROCIOUS.  Wait and see.  You just could not understand why the judges would, in the end, put the competition in deadlock when they are believed to be credible personalities to choose who has the X-factor and who has not.  Many times Simon Cowell , after the bottom two contestants gave all their best in the sing-off, chose the public vote rather than giving his judgment based on the final performance.  It’s ridiculous! The X-factor does not need judges after all, if that is the case.

HORRIBLE. Take two for Simon Cowell, when the trying hard Irish twins sang their supposedly final song of the competition against the much better, with greater X-factor, and with obviously superior vocal ability, Lucy Jones, he opted a deadlock again and relied on the public vote to decide who should go home.  Simply awful that he did not use his expertise in choosing who can sing and who can’t. Inconsistencies in his verdict disappoint many viewers.

AWFUL.  A dose of one’s own medicine would come sooner or later. And it happened on the latest result night when Jamie Carter, whom Simon mentored, was voted out of the contest.  It would seem to appear that the X-factor is not indeed a scuffle of singing talent, but a battle between the four judges who always find ways to pull down each others top contenders.

If the judges could not fairly give their professional judgment, then they don’t deserve to be there.

Let’s wait and see how the twin John and Edward go through the finals.  It is going to be so crazy.

My bet would still be Danyl Johnson and Oly.


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