Posted: November 21, 2009 in Politics
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by Earlie Doriman

It’s almost two decades now since I started to exercise my constitutional right of suffrage.  Seventeen years of disappointments about how politics had and has been jeopardizing the nation and its people.  Election after election, politics in the Philippines even become dirtier and implausible, surrounded with politicians who are either too power greedy to leave or too old to realise they are no longer capable. I was still young when Benigno Aquino Sr. was assassinated, yet his death was the best political event I could ever call to mind, because that gave the country its genuine independence and freedom though short-lived and temporary.

As the national elections crawls closer , we see loads of traditional politicians doing what they are most excellent at : sticking posters all over even if the campaign period is still months away, seeing them on television,  hearing them over the radios, and they become very unusually visible and generous. They come into view like angels and saints more than willing to dedicate their life for the welfare of the country and the Filipino people.  If you listen at their speeches, you would certainly be fascinated about how clever and intelligent they seem to be. But leave no stones unturned, behind these masquerades are politicians who destroyed our country and the destiny of every Filipino.

It is high time to change the culture of politics in our land. We have tried the most intelligent president during the Marcos regime but we suffered much of his dictatorship. We attempted a West Pointer but not very creditable. Out of despair, we even tried a mediocre leader but turn out dreadfully helpless. But our resilience as a people gives us the conviction that soon we could find the best leader to transform our country into a better place to live.  I still believe one person could bring about the much needed CHANGE.  He may not be the most intelligent amongst the aspirants, but surely a smart man to lead a country that believes ‘NOTHING IS TOO LATE’ for a genuine change.  Consider these reasons why Filipinos should vote NOYNOY AQUINO Jr. for president.

Ninoy Aquino Sr., assasinated in 1983

1. INCORRUPTIBLE.  His father’s legacy of faith and love for the Philippines is the noblest that I have known for after Jose Rizal.  Ninoy Aquino Sr. was so valiant to defeat dictatorship and so he exchanged his life to bring about freedom and democracy to the nation.  Cory Aquino, whose political life continued the cause of Ninoy, was the only Philippine president who was never involved in corruption and indignity. Two great leaders of the country, and a son, the record as a congressman and as a senator is never blemished with colours of dishonesty and abuse of power.

2. NO TRAPO. Unlike other politicians, Noynoy’s candidacy is a call not for his selfish interest but for the people who believe in him.  His political conduct is non-traditional and his vision is not personal. Drop the trapos and vote the candidates with proper character and dedication to public service.

3. GOD FEARING. One who fears in the Lord, fears to sin. Noynoy is not perfect, and definitely no one is.  But his family’s devotion to faith is not superficial.  His mother Cory Aquino was a very devoted Marian and so his siblings. I believe, their being truly religious is synonymous to honest governance.

Cory Aquino, became Philippine President in 1986-1991

4. SON OF DEMOCRACY.  Noynoy would certainly not put his father’s death to oblivion. Being a son of two politicians who fought for the country’s freedom and independence, Noynoy carries the blood of the genuine Filipino heroes.  His reluctance at the start to run for the president indicates that he is not hungry for power.

5. WELL EDUCATED.  Noynoy has the right brain cells to govern and lead. He’s not overly clever and most importantly not stupid.  We don’t necessitate a very bright president, we just need a leader who knows how to look, listen, and act what this country wants. We already suffer the extremes of a very intelligent one, and we suffer more to a brainless actor.

6. NOT A GAMBLER. Benigno Aquino Jr. is not a Casino aficionado. His principle does not buy the idea of taking chances.  By that alone, he would not surely put the country in a lottery.

7. NO BENEFACTORS TO PROTECT. Politicians do patronise big companies for monetary reasons.  During the campaign period, traditional politicians would always beg support from massive business enterprises for financial sustenance, and gratitude dictates favours after.  Noynoy has been very outspoken to say that he does not have the necessary financial capability to run a campaign and neither would he give in to asking from anyone than the candid support of the ordinary Filipino citizen.

8. MORAL APTITUDE.  Noynoy is obviously a very good son and a brother to his sisters.  He has never been accused of moral indecency, Noynoy’s personality conveys a message of reformation to many politicians whose moral conduct and unsuitability remain contentious.

  1. LEN says:

    Its long time now that the majority of the Filipinos are sufferings.Those in power have no respect and just take for granted the welfare of the masses.Then come Noynoy a hesitant candidate.All of a sudden a glint of hope comes. Noynoy the honest,humble and trustworthy and God fearing person is ready to make the dreams of the Filipinos a reality.With our solid support change for better is possible.We can have change if we want with Noynoy`s leadership.There`s no turning point,now is the right time,perhaps tommorrow is too late.Noynoy can makes our dreams comes true.

    • earlied says:

      Hi Len,

      Thanks so much for getting involve in the call for a much needed change in the framework and leadership of the country’s politics. I personally believe too that with Noynoy’s leadership and the strong support of the ordinary citizens, there is great hope that we can make this country move forward and make it a better place for our children.

      Thanks again and spread the news. God bless

  2. MM says:

    Sen. Noy is our only hope. Let’s all support him, let’s all work for his victory!

    • earlied says:

      hi MM,

      I believe so, he may not so ideal but he surely is the only hope and the most credible amongst the rest.
      I personally support his candidacy. thanks for dropping a line.

  3. First, you have a nice blog.

    “His reluctance at the start to run for the president indicates that he is not hungry for power.”

    Oh, oh… He is reluctant at first because he has no media or party to back him. And it was never his plan to become a president… That could be the reason why he doesn’t have an impressive performance as a senator.

    He is the son of Ninoy and Cory, but that’s about it. He can never be equated to his parents.

    • earlied says:

      HI CARLOS,

      Thanks for dropping by. You have your point…as we are all entitled to it. Firstly, you are partly correct that his being reluctant at first is because he has no plan to run for the presidency, but it’s not because he has no party to back him up, the Liberal Party has always been supportive of him from the time he was a congressman and has greatly influenced him to run for the senate. Although not bragged about, the LP is grooming Noynoy to be their standard bearer even before the death of his mother. But Noynoy was still in retrospection if he could really deliver the responsibility and so showed no interest at that time. Secondly, who amongst the senators then has the outstanding performance in the senate. Aside maybe from Miriam Santiago who is always a topnotcher, no other could boast an excellent performance and I think you would not vote Miriam for president, would you?. I believe, leadership is not a matter of who writes the best provisions or the attractive bills, but a matter of sincerity to the commitment of public service. Amongst the aspirants, I could only see that in Noynoy. Thirdly, I did not attempt to create a balance equation between Noynoy and Ninoy, nor Noynoy and Cory, because again Noynoy could never be his father, much more his mother. What I said was, Noynoy would never put the death of his father into oblivion, and his parents inspiration and sacrifices could always make a difference in his decisions for the country.

      But I respect your opinion as much as you respect mine. Thanks very much and God bless

  4. bob says:


    • earlied says:

      thanks very much for taking time to read and comment my blog..thank you more for re-publishing my opinion..I just honestly believe that the structure of politics in our country should be changed for the better. More power and God bless

  5. undecided says:

    well i’m not so sure about number 7. when i heard the news that if you develop hacienda luisita from 91B it can reach the value of 450B if developed. so now i’m 67%(no)-(33)%(yes) for noynoy

    • earlied says:

      Hi undecided,
      You are right, the Aquino’s are stockholders of the Hacienda Luisita,which controversy is not yet resolved until this time. I am sure Noynoy’s detractors started to involve his name in this issue because they could not find any other that would definitely drag him down. My thoughts about it is that, the controversy in the Hacienda is an issue from long time ago even before Noynoy was born. His only fault is that he is an Aquino. But I don’t think he is passive about resolving it. If he did not proclaim his intentions to run for president, do you think this issue is magnified excessively?..That’s a very TRAPO strategy of the opponents. I believe Noynoy has a better solution to this dispute than his enemies.
      But I respect your opinion, because we all rightful to it. Thank you for your comments and God bless.


    I cannot say more words about Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III. No filipino will ever doubt Noynoy’s credibility. I can’t wait to see this country transform into a better nation, with a government honest, sincere and transparent enough on all its dealings. And no political foes can ever tarnish the name AQUINO. Mabuhay si Noynoy at ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

    • earlied says:

      Hi archie,

      Thanks so much for your optimism..Hope is always there for us to see. And with our efforts to help our country bring back its lost glory, it’s not impossible indeed if our decision on the election day is sensible enough to bring that CHANGE. I am personally supporting the candidacy of Noynoy in my little own way. Thanks and spread the news.

  7. hello says:

    Noynoy is not his father. He maybe the son of democracy but he still isn’t his father. Pro-Noy ako pero lets think critically- kung ndi eleksyon, ndi nya lulutasin yung problema sa Hacienda Luicita. pero eleksyon eh,. Iba sila ng tatay niya. peace~ :))

    • earlied says:

      Hi caliber,

      Thanks for dropping a line. I understand your point. And I agree that Noynoy could never be his father. But I also agree in science that we get a better seedling from a better genes. Noynoy might not be able to replicate his father’s deeds but am sure Ninoy’s inspiration is more influential to his family than to any other and Ninoy’s death is much much meaningful to his children than to any other Filipino. In saying that, I did mean that Noynoy would not surely put the sacrifices of his family to nothing. The hacienda issue is not just a simple land dispute or and agrarian controversy..Parties involved made its resolution more complicated and longer…in fact, it is not just a simple give-me-this-give-me-that thing. The solution has to consider loads of interests and proper judgment.
      Thank you again and like you I hope the situation in Luisita can be resolved without wasting life. God bless.