Posted: November 26, 2009 in Philippine Reports, Politics
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by Earlie Doriman

You do not need to find an Oxford dictionary to differentiate between the two words – ELECTION and VIOLENCE because syntactically they have different meanings and functionally disparate purposes.

military in armoured cars going to Maguindanao

But in a country where politics is equivalent to tremendous power, election equates violence, where ordinary people are helpless victims of the atrocities, and violence seems the most potent offensive to keep ones influence intact.

The recent massacre in Maguindanao is one of the worst cases of all the recorded incidents in the history of Philippine politics.  Men in uniform, purportedly private armies of the Ampatuan’s, mercilessly terminated the lives of more than 50 people, mostly women and journalists. Leaving no innocent souls to freedom, the criminals brutally raped some of the women and then unlawfully take their lives by discharging bullets into their bodies, some chopped heartlessly with chainsaw. The grave has been there waiting for them before their deaths came. This is a kind of aggression so unimaginable and a reason so deplorable. Politics in its most horrible circumstance.

muslim victims are finally laid to rest

Probably, other than the perpetrators, one could not consider any reason to slaughter a group of helpless individuals who offered themselves as peacekeepers and protection to the advocacy of freedom, neither one could absolve such severity of barbaric deed which purpose is to serve a clan of politicians whose minds and actions are not of a human kind. Totally cruel are these criminals that they don’t deserve a second chance neither due process of law. Due process should only be given to suspected criminals who merit safeguard of their human rights, whilst the barbarians ought to have the barbaric punishment.

Politics in the Philippines is never a peaceful convergence of purpose and sad to say, will never be.  For one, majority of the politicians do not respect the law, and in fact, are foremost violators whatever there is in the constitution.   Elections in some areas do not anymore warrant credibility and winners did not actually get the mandate from its constituents. Once seated, corruption becomes the norm of the office, and the promise of public service turned out to be just a lip service that eventually faded in the wasteland.  Tsk Tsk Tsk…

Definitely, Filipinos at these moments cry in sympathy to the victims of the Maguindanao bloodshed, but more than the pain is the reality that the criminals did not just kill those innocent victims but they killed as well the future of their respective families who wished they would return safe that day yet never happened.


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