by Earlie Doriman

I don’t know if I should laugh or just play numb about some of the bloopers in the ABS-CBN’s HARAPAN 2010 on the 2nd of December hosted by the award winning newscaster and radio commentator Ted Failon.  First and foremost, there was nothing wrong with Ted, in fact he is always good at his craft.

Outstanding candidates at the HARAPAN 2010 Presidential Debate

Generally, the presidential debate went fine and some presidential aspirants have truly shown the competence and leadership to govern the country. However, one could see and say that some were simply a nuisance.

Seven candidates for Philippine President stood valiant and proud before a big crowd at the UST auditorium and started the debate with their respective opening statements. From this round, Gilbert Teodoro and Noynoy Aquino were outstanding in describing their platform of government. Both of them do have the charisma and eloquence that were very plausible. Dick Gordon and Eddie Villanueva were actually in good shape to be in the league of credible speakers. They have sharp thoughts and straightforward expressions.  Erap did well though but it seemed to me, he was just saying the same kind of lines he used when he was yet campaigning for vice-president, the same tune when he ran for president, and still recycled it in his opening speech, plus the vintage humour that did not sound cool anymore. Mr Perlas sounded scared and shaking and his words were shallow. Well, you surely could not run a country if you are afraid to speak before a crowd. Mr Delos Reyes was too inexperienced and it eventually pulled him down all throughout.

Cousins Noynoy Aquino and Gibo Teodoro, sharing smiles at the UST Auditorium

Erap Estrada gave the funniest act or should I say the most stupid performance of the show. Everyone thought he was doing a rebuttal to Mr Perlas’ answer, Ted as matter of fact asked him twice, but Erap thought otherwise.  He was taken aback when Ted gave him another 2 minutes to give his own answer. Honestly, I was extremely embarrassed disgusted that I just looked down and listened to him while my wife was laughing so uncomfortably. My thoughts went back to the time when he was president, and asked silently if he understood his role then when he could not understand the simplest instruction of the day.  Mr Perlas’ answers on the hand demonstrated that he’s not particularly ready and his thoughts of the question were all over the place.  Similarly, the young Delos Reyes’ rawness confused him much more by giving answers which are poles apart from the questions. The other four candidates were simply very prepared and equip with so much worth and wit, so exceptional was the intelligence and reasons of Mr Teodoro.

The second comical skit of Erap happened when he was asked what ‘vice or luxury he has that he could not live without’. He appeared probing in darkness and didn’t know what to do after asking the question again.  He was like a very old computer processor who is no longer compatible with the current applications and software, did I mention OBSOLETE? What a disgrace, and if he meant to crack joke, it was not funny at all. He might have thought he was good at that when people exploded in laughter, what a comedy indeed. In the round of individual questions, Noynoy and Teodoro excelled again, while Gordon and Villanueva did not fail their respective supporters because they too were very good in their reasons.

You see, Joseph Estrada’s fervour is to help the poor and that’s the ‘LUHO’ that he could not live without. And what else? He said nothing, when every single Filipino knows his passion for the CASINO’s.  Mockery. Farce. Then run for president again? Well, it is his right anyway.

Honestly, only four passed my standard and the other three I considered nuisance.  Thanks honestly to the organisers of the HARAPAN 2010 because it informed the voting public, it helped people to see and decide what kind of leader we badly need at these times. Do we need a president who is more obsessed at his business appointments than responding to public commitments? Where is Manny Villar by the way?

  1. Ramgarra says:

    Dapat tinagalog na lang ung tanong na yun ng UP Student, the first time na pinapa klaro ni Erap. He deserved that comedic or imeldefic reply ni Erap. Lol!

    Ano kaya kung tinanong na lang nya ng ganito…Ano ang mga bisyo na di mo maalis=alis?

    • earlied says:


      Thanks for reading…your suggestion is good then…dapat sana din na inisip nung taga UP na tagalogin nalang para wala nang ‘repeat the question please..’’s still funny to me..thanks again and God bless