by  Earlie Doriman

Filipinos, where ever they may be in the world, celebrate Christmas the traditional way.  In spite of the heavy snow and more than 10cm of freezing white flakes on most of UK’s roads, the Rochdale Filipino Community (Manchester City) held its annual Christmas Party yesterday with lots of fun, prizes, and surprises.

Young Pinoys Dyan Tabor, Onil Bachoco, Noah Bachoco, and Friends enjoying the party

In attendance were Filipino families, British friends, and invited guests who did not only enjoy the food and games, but were also awed by the presentations rendered by both the young ones and ‘once youngs’.

Filipino games were played to the delight of the Pinoy children and their British friends. They were definitely amused with Planting Rice, Longest Line, and Bring Me games facilitated by Leleah Bachoco, Dyan Tabor, and James Pidliswij.

Dale, Mat-Mat, and Mark having their dinner during the party

The parents had such a good time watching their kids raced to the finish line.  On the other hand, games for the adults entertained the audience too when they outperformed each other in ‘The Long Talong’, and ‘Santa Went to Town’.

Lucky winners went home with hampers stuffed with loads of Christmas items from the Raffle Ticket draw. When Father Christmas arrived, the children could not contain their happiness as they sat before him waiting to receive their Christmas gifts.  It was indeed a festivity.

Santa's Gift Giving Captures the Children's hearts

The JD Hall went wild and uncontrollable as the Wonder Mamas owned the floor with their surprise number dancing to the Wondergirl’s ‘Nobody’ beat.

Young kids Tiara, Kissy,Stephanie,Sophie, and Cloie, in their colourful christmas costumes

The party went on until midnight with drinks, chats, dances, and pure fun. Everybody enjoyed the White Christmas affair.

The Secretariat of the night: Hazel, Gerie, and Jeanette


My son Matthew, really happy with his Santa's set


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