by Earlie Doriman

It seemed like I’ve been away from my laptop for ages. No new articles for my treasured blogosphere, have not opened my facebook for the longest time, unable to do my usual routines, my email’s so loaded with endless messages, have failed to greet everyone a happy new year, literally I was feeling completely degraded in the past couple of weeks. The reason is simply agonizing – I’ve got a Gouty in my right hand.

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Yes, you are perfectly accurate, I suffer from a GOUTY ARTHRITIS for few years now, and when it strikes, it is extremely bad, more so that it happened during the Christmas holidays.  My right hand (the joints actually) which is so important in my daily activities was swelling so terribly due to this disease that should supposedly come about at a person’s golden years.  I am 35 years but somehow feel so unfortunate to go through this because I should say am not that old yet.  It’s not a serious illness though, not a matter of life and death, but agree with me that it’s clearly disturbing and would certainly put your pain tolerance to test.

Just imagine, since my three fingers were swelling awfully, moving the other two turned out useless and hurting.  Whilst my left hand could in some ways ease the inconvenience, I really could not just function normally in the house. Blame me, and blame my diet. Unhealthy nutritional regime is what it is.  In fairness to my wife who is a nurse, she never fell short in reminding me to avoid food that could trigger my arthritis, but stubborn as I am when it comes to eating, what I hear on one ear would simply go unnoticed on the other. That is why I would not complain when one of my joints would start to feel uneasy and painful.

At least now I am feeling better. With several dosage of my prescribed medicine plus the herbal capsule that I bought at a Chinese pharmacy in Davao during our recent vacation, the swelling have subsided and the pain is quite bearable.  And obviously I could finally use my fingers to juggle words at my keyboard and start to share articles again. So it is perhaps significant now to share some research that I made regarding GOUTY ARTHRITIS.

Arthritis is a generic term to more than 100 types of different rheumatic diseases and gouty arthritis is just one of the many types of arthritis a person could suffer in later years. Research have revealed that only 5 percent of all cases of arthritis account to gouty which is considered one of the most painful of these rheumatic illnesses, which is so rare in children and young adults like me.   According to Eustice (2006), there are four stages of Gouty Arthritis: 1.Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia. In this stage, which usually doesn’t require treatment, a person has elevated blood uric acid levels but no other symptoms. 2. Acute Gout / Acute Gouty Arthritis. In this stage, hyperuricemia has caused deposits of uric acid crystals in joint spaces, leading to gouty attacks. 3. Interval / Intercritical. In this stage, the periods between acute gouty attacks, a person has no symptoms. 4. Chronic Tophaceous Gout: In this stage, the disease has caused permanent damage. With proper treatment, most never progress to this advanced stage.

  1. I was looking for more information on Gout and found your site on Google. Very helpful, thanks!

    • earlied says:

      I know its not really helpful yet, I still have some things to share about it in my next articles..hope you drop by again and thanks..