Posted: January 18, 2011 in Articles, Environment, Favourite Places in the UK
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by Earlie

While the winter snow has temporarily calmed down, my camera has loads of the captured white fields.  It’s so lovely to see wide white flakes falling from heavens and slowly turning everything around you into a whole new place of glowing white and crystals.  Yes, that is the splendour of snowy lands.  Feeling the white cold grainy bits in my palm reminds me of the gorgeous ‘halo-halo’ back in the Philippines. Let me just share some of the snowy photos which have been frozen in my camera.

I used to dream about snow before, when all I could afford to do was watch wintery love-themed movies, or some christmas-inspired children films, and with either a sweet love song filling the air or christmas carols serenading the night…the white field just seemed to be a screen away yet so far in my world. It has changed completely now..

And as the grounds slowly eat the white fields away, the signs of bright sunshine provides a new ray of refreshing temper that a green field is ready to see.

Have a very nice day to all.

  1. Hi everybody . First off wonderful page . I enjoyed reading your blog.Just wanted to tell u, I voted your blog up on digg . Have a good night

  2. Very nice photo… I dont ever seen snow… just from photos and movies…Peace

  3. johannes says:

    …nice pics earl…and a cool article too…ayu-ayu.