Just not what I used to do everyday, waking up 2AM and prepared myself for a long trip to England’s central city. I was heading for London not for a holiday but for a very necessary appointment at the office of the Philippine Embassy.  It was exactly 4 in the morning when the wheels of the Megabus started to go round and off the four hours journey began.

Embassy of the Philippines, Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG, UK

What is good about travelling so early in the morning is that you would not notice how time flutters especially if all you do is sit and sleep through out, though your bum starts to feel burning that give a little discomfort.

Around 20 minutes before 10AM, I was already queuing towards the exit of the Victoria Coach Station. When I got outside, I quickly grabbed my map and started to scan the busy stretch of Buckingham Palace road. Once in a while, glanced at my map to check I was still on the right graph.


Somebody along the way suggested I should take the bus going there but I said politely I’d rather walk, it’s still best for a morning exercise anyway. With more than five queries from strangers, I arrived at the Philippine Embassy Office safe and sound. It was an achievement!

I should say, my day started so well and pleasant. The staff at the Philippine Embassy were very kind and accommodating. Public service was truly commendable and I was able to complete what I was there for earlier than I expected. My efforts were really worth the services the people at the embassy have ushered me. It was my first time but very impressive.  My time had been responded wonderfully and I am very grateful. O

Since it was still very early for my return ticket, I enjoyed some hours taking pictures around a number of beautiful places especially at Trafalgar Square and the famous Buckingham Palace.

Here are some of those photos:

At the Trafalgar Square

People enjoying the historical importance of Trafalgar Square

  1. Nice photos! London looks like a very lively city, and the parks are lovely. I used to enjoy long bus rides in the wee hours of the morning. Everything was so quiet, and I loved looking out the window at the night.

    • earlied says:

      Hi Nothingprofound,

      Thanks for dropping by…It was very nice indeed. No congested traffic and was very smooth on the road. And Yes..London is very lovely with lots of gorgeous places to visit. I enjoyed my trip as much as the experience. Thanks again