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From about 6.5 thousand miles, Josh West, a London Bus Driver, travelled around 18 hours going to Manila to see what it’s like to be an ordinary jeepney driver and experience one of the most shocking and dangerous conditions of the planet.

Philippine Jeepneys (photo from yahoo images)

Manila, the world’s most densely populated city, in the eyes of an innocent Londoner who cross thousand of miles, dropped for ten days the comfort and convenience of his work and braved the chaos streets of the Philippines capital city. (more…)


by Earlie Doriman

The shocking suicide incident carried out by former AFP Chief of Staff Angelo Reyes, still makes headlines over televisions and newspapers.  It is but a distressing fact that his family and the Filipino people are both suspending upon a losing situation.  He left his loved ones with a vacuum of hope, and the country a missing link to the ongoing investigation of the alleged massive corruption within the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Whatever his reasons in taking his own life, is a question that we could not answer but only speculate. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I was completely fuming at the news about a ‘special child’ who was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific plane because of a very discriminating reason.  How the F*!K the crew gulped down such a degrading act of hypocrisy.  A child who is already helpless to protect himself, feebled by his condition, is further humiliated by a bunch of heartless people.  It was an awfully preposterous gesture of the stewards and stewardesses of Cebu Pacific to do that, and such indifference do not only necessitate admonition but a serious legal action for compensation of the aggrieved and dismissal of the few cold blooded parasites. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I am honestly exasperated when someone asked me about the recent massacre in Maguindanao and would insist that Mindanao is certainly a dangerous place to go.  So annoying indeed when people give out a conclusion on something they don’t exactly know about or at least exert considerable efforts to read as regards to it, to get a logical picture of the whole thing.

map of mindanao with emphasis on Maguindanao

I would suggest that those who are badly informed geographically should try to find a map and figure out how big is Maguindanao against the total land area of Mindanao. It’s a straightforward knowledge to start with before making any ignorant analysis.  Or maybe simply shut your mouth out. Well, you don’t need to ask me if I am angry, do you? Would it be intelligent to say that Luzon is an illegal drug sanctuary because of the many shabu laboratories raided in Cavite? Or is it fair to declare Visayas as Arroyo country if she only got massive votes in Cebu? And so it is mediocrity to call Mindanao a dangerous place if the facts reveal that only a small part of the island has armed conflicts, and where unfortunately the recent massacre happened in only one of its provinces. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I did mention about the lady in her 50’s in my earlier post (From the SUN to the SNOW: Part 2) who restored my sanity while few kilometres above the ground (Iwas honestly crowded with anxiety then).  She was a very intelligent woman, I should say, who shared her thoughts concerning her disappointments about the exodus of many Filipino intellectuals, leaving the Philippines scarce of proficient, skilled, and capable professionals.c6d7d32d1184d772 I forgot to ask her name, so I’ll just call her Ms Clever. (more…)


Pacquiao waves in victory, after his win against a Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto

by Earlie Doriman


The more than 7,000 islands of the Philippines literally stand still every time the so called ‘PAMBANSANG KAMAO’ takes on the ring to spew out powerful punches against whoever the opponent is.  Whatever there is in this Filipino’s fist, it is simply the magic that only MANNY PACQUIAO can do, and can do it best.   With now 7 world titles in 7 different weight divisions, he can be called best as the 7th Wonder of the Modern World. (more…)

Many Filipinos learn the English language as early as when they learn to speak a single word. We learn to say words like dog, cat, moon, even before we understand what these words really are. We even know how to say ‘apple’ and not bothered how it looked like and whether or not we grow them in our farm.  dictio1English is not strange to us at least, and it doesn’t matter if we become at times too literal in translating Filipino terms to its English equivalent, as long as we are able to convey ourselves in this crazy language, that’s quite an achievement. (more…)