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Just not what I used to do everyday, waking up 2AM and prepared myself for a long trip to England’s central city. I was heading for London not for a holiday but for a very necessary appointment at the office of the Philippine Embassy.  It was exactly 4 in the morning when the wheels of the Megabus started to go round and off the four hours journey began.

Embassy of the Philippines, Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG, UK

What is good about travelling so early in the morning is that you would not notice how time flutters especially if all you do is sit and sleep through out, though your bum starts to feel burning that give a little discomfort. (more…)


by Earlie Doriman

I am home and away. In my silent moments, I just could not help myself longing for home. The simple life, family, the friendly people, friends, the genuine laughter, the family gathering, the food, the sand, the sea and sun, the karaoke, are barely few of those panoramas,

Davao City People's Park

which remind me that there is indeed better reason to come home. Life is so different when you work and live in a land you could never call your own.  And I say this time after time, there is no better place on Earth other than my native land. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

My former colleague and a good friend Hilda tweeted me a rather tougher challenge – BEAT MYSELF.  I presume she was referring to my diet which I honestly find very difficult to put a proper lookout. You see my gouty arthritis according to my GP is primarily associated to the kinds of food that I eat, and I swear that when it comes to my meals, I am a super stubborn fellow who care less about what not to eat, and undervalued how my doctor scare me regarding the implications of an unhealthy eating habit.  (more…)

By Earlie Doriman

To many of us Filipinos overseas, Christmas is one of those times which remind us that we are away from home, and that in some way could make the season incomplete.  I should say, there is no better merriment of the birth of Christ than the way we Filipinos do.  And now for three years in a row, I desperately miss Christmas in the Philippines. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I don’t know if I should laugh or just play numb about some of the bloopers in the ABS-CBN’s HARAPAN 2010 on the 2nd of December hosted by the award winning newscaster and radio commentator Ted Failon.  First and foremost, there was nothing wrong with Ted, in fact he is always good at his craft.

Outstanding candidates at the HARAPAN 2010 Presidential Debate

Generally, the presidential debate went fine and some presidential aspirants have truly shown the competence and leadership to govern the country. However, one could see and say that some were simply a nuisance. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman


I tried to close my eyes as the plane was soaring placidly, but however I faked it, faces of all the people I left behind seemed to be waving in front of me.   It was very knotty to convince myself that I was ok because honestly, right at those moments, I had the mixed feelings of loneliness and excitement.


My first feel of snow at Falinge Park, Rochdale (photo by BOPIP)

The person next to me might have noticed it, that she asked me where I was heading? I told her, am going to the United Kingdom to follow my wife. Then our conversation just went on and for the time being I was back to myself talking to the lady in her 50’s about what she called ‘Exodus of the FITTEST’ (I will make a post about this title next time).  She was actually referring to the millions of Filipinos who are looking for a greener pasture abroad, leaving their families behind and maybe adding the growing figures of broken homes. She was an intelligent conversationalist and time was never enough to discuss more profound issues with her. (more…)

(This is a two-part article, this page contains the first part and the next part will be posted next week : Earlie)

So what’s in the title to sound very extreme?  Since this is my first post to commence my blog, I prefer to share to you how destiny brought me to this land of kings and queens, the land of unpredictable weather (I should say),   England. (more…)