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From about 6.5 thousand miles, Josh West, a London Bus Driver, travelled around 18 hours going to Manila to see what it’s like to be an ordinary jeepney driver and experience one of the most shocking and dangerous conditions of the planet.

Philippine Jeepneys (photo from yahoo images)

Manila, the world’s most densely populated city, in the eyes of an innocent Londoner who cross thousand of miles, dropped for ten days the comfort and convenience of his work and braved the chaos streets of the Philippines capital city. (more…)


by Earlie

While the winter snow has temporarily calmed down, my camera has loads of the captured white fields.  It’s so lovely to see wide white flakes falling from heavens and slowly turning everything around you into a whole new place of glowing white and crystals.  Yes, that is the splendour of snowy lands.  Feeling the white cold grainy bits in my palm reminds me of the gorgeous ‘halo-halo’ back in the Philippines. Let me just share some of the snowy photos which have been frozen in my camera. (more…)

Pollution is a serious problem worldwide. The Earth which used to abundantly provide human everything it needs, has been turned into a biggest dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish.


assorted rubbish

The environment is becoming so filthy that some areas are no longer in shape to provide what they intend to do.  That’s the cost of technological advancement, at the expense of the earth’s health. (more…)