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Posted: March 12, 2011 in Favourites

Hi Everyone,

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Just not what I used to do everyday, waking up 2AM and prepared myself for a long trip to England’s central city. I was heading for London not for a holiday but for a very necessary appointment at the office of the Philippine Embassy.  It was exactly 4 in the morning when the wheels of the Megabus started to go round and off the four hours journey began.

Embassy of the Philippines, Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG, UK

What is good about travelling so early in the morning is that you would not notice how time flutters especially if all you do is sit and sleep through out, though your bum starts to feel burning that give a little discomfort. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Football has become the latest craze in Philippine sports and obviously, the Filipinos succumb to the passion in just a matter of months.  It could not be refuted that Pinoys are natural lovers of sports. What is so amazing though is that the interest towards football came so swiftly and robustly and fanatics have quickly grown in numbers.Football is like a national sport in all European countries and famous leagues are always part of the life and enjoyment of European people. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Not a very sensible topic though. Ughh, but be mindful that the smallest thing on earth has something worthwhile to converse about, or perhaps a bigger story to tell.  Albert Einstein’s genius has declared about the remarkable concept of Relativity which to my mind does clasp the relative nature of size and its significance. If we are to get possessed with science, we all end up wearing white long beards with uncombed and uncut hair, plus reading glasses so thick to break. But, I don’t think the immense mind of Galileo would invest his time arguing about the chicken or egg paradox.  But you know what, some phony discussions make life brighter and free of pretence. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Anywhere in the world, people of different colours and races or of religions and cultures, we are certainly weaved together by some common beliefs and practices as we welcome the New Year. The coming of 2010 is not an exception, and around the world, rituals and traditions are celebrated to greet the unfolding of the new daylight of the new date of the current century.

black cat is a sign of bad luck if it crosses your path (photo from google images)

With renewed hopes and dreams, leaving aside the life’s unworthy memories of the preceding term and bringing up the better things to commence the year of the metal tiger, we are also groping about what life is in store for us in the year ahead with more than just our zodiac and the fortune teller’s recycled predictions. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

In my earlier post, I did mention about how distracting gouty arthritis is when it attacks.  Aside from the burning pain and torment, you would also feel distressed about its implication to your work and efficiency.  Out of desolation, you would end up prickly or impatient and ask why on earth you get this illness. Gouty arthritis is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in a blood, crystallizes and dumped particularly in joints and the tissues around them ready to turn red and swollen once triggered by an underlying cause. The recurrent of its attacks is what worries me much. But again blame me and my diet. In the first place, the urate crystals wouldn’t be staying around in my anatomy if I should have been very concern with my intakes.  No need to complain now indeed.

photo from yahoo images

So what really are the causes of gouty arthritis?The underlying cause of gout is what it medically termed as hyperuricemia which is by the way associated with personal diet, genetic, and excretion of urate. (more…)

by  Earlie Doriman

Filipinos, where ever they may be in the world, celebrate Christmas the traditional way.  In spite of the heavy snow and more than 10cm of freezing white flakes on most of UK’s roads, the Rochdale Filipino Community (Manchester City) held its annual Christmas Party yesterday with lots of fun, prizes, and surprises.

Young Pinoys Dyan Tabor, Onil Bachoco, Noah Bachoco, and Friends enjoying the party

In attendance were Filipino families, British friends, and invited guests who did not only enjoy the food and games, but were also awed by the presentations rendered by both the young ones and ‘once youngs’. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Efren Penaflorida as he gave his acceptance speech at the awarding ceremonies in Kodak Theatre Hollywood

Truly inspirational is the man who chose to be good rather than giving in to the gangsters in the streets, who was bullied but fought for what is right, who was humbled by his cause but have conquered the world. That’s what the Philippines can offer to the world in the person of EFREN PEňAFLORIDA. The 2009 CNN HERO of the Year. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I did mention about the lady in her 50’s in my earlier post (From the SUN to the SNOW: Part 2) who restored my sanity while few kilometres above the ground (Iwas honestly crowded with anxiety then).  She was a very intelligent woman, I should say, who shared her thoughts concerning her disappointments about the exodus of many Filipino intellectuals, leaving the Philippines scarce of proficient, skilled, and capable professionals.c6d7d32d1184d772 I forgot to ask her name, so I’ll just call her Ms Clever. (more…)

At 1:00 in the morning on November 3, 2009…my wife Leah grousing in pain woke me up and told me she’s already having contraction. So I swiftly looked for the maternity bag which was actually geared up couple of weeks ago.


Thomas Miguel moments after his delivery

My wife being so thorough with roughly everything, started to sort out the essential items for the coming of our second child when she was yet 7 months expectant, (oh my word, she’s just so annoying when it comes to things like these, but I realise though how best it is to have everything ready…and she got my nod for being such). Her experience of pain while on labour reminded me once more how hard it is for a mother, that after taking care of the baby for nine long and incredible months inside herself, she still has to undergo the greatest pain of bringing a new life into this world. (more…)