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From about 6.5 thousand miles, Josh West, a London Bus Driver, travelled around 18 hours going to Manila to see what it’s like to be an ordinary jeepney driver and experience one of the most shocking and dangerous conditions of the planet.

Philippine Jeepneys (photo from yahoo images)

Manila, the world’s most densely populated city, in the eyes of an innocent Londoner who cross thousand of miles, dropped for ten days the comfort and convenience of his work and braved the chaos streets of the Philippines capital city. (more…)


by Earlie Doriman

Heidi Mendoza in a senate hearing. (photo courtesy of yahoo images)

She maybe small but she is definitely a giant in moral principle.  An ordinary COA (Commission on Audit) auditor with extraordinary task. And that particular task made her life, career, family, and principle, put into a stringent ordeal. Yet, she stands tough, (more…)

Former AFP Budget Officer George Rabusa testifying alleged corruption involving high-ranking AFP generals (photo from yahoo images)

By Earlie Doriman

I still believe there is hope for our country. Whilst this massive corruption alarm, allegedly consummated by these high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), I nonetheless trust with conviction that someday the ordinary Filipino people will find justice and integrity in this broken nation. Tall order indeed! (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Regrettably, fifty seven lives or might be more, had to be sacrificed to uncover enormous wealth and heaps of weapon and ammunition concealed within the premises of the Ampatuans.  It takes Martial Law in Maguindanao to pursue a family of politicians who have been in power for couple of decades and it needs an inconceivable massacre to discover millions-of-pesos worth of mansions.  More outrageous is the fact that behind all these, there is a suspicion of conspiracy with the supposed men in uniform whose primary function is to protect the majority rather than the few abusive individuals.  When money does the talking, evil prevails and more often than not, even the most principled man becomes a slave of its power – this happened to the military commanders who were not able to function as expected, in the recent hostilities.  When money rules, it consumes the mind of the helpless and eventually loses his sense of pride and character – this occurred to the civilian volunteers whose families waited for food on their tables.   Whilst the powerful and the affluent continue its deception, the society becomes restive and vulnerable. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Let me start by saying that I am not exaggerating  but what is so pleasant about us, Dabawenyos (syempre apil gyud ko kay Dabawenyo man kong dako) is that at Election times, we know how to choose the best leaders in our city. We understand the needs, and we translate our vision into responsible casting of ballots by writing the names of those who could carry out the task properly. We vote for credibility and not for money.

Davao City Hall, standing proudly before an attractive Rizal Park fountain

For three consecutive terms, our choice to put Rodrigo Duterte in the proud City Hall of Davao is more than just our best resolution, it is the perfect option and we draw a very good portrait of history in this part of the country. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I don’t know if I should laugh or just play numb about some of the bloopers in the ABS-CBN’s HARAPAN 2010 on the 2nd of December hosted by the award winning newscaster and radio commentator Ted Failon.  First and foremost, there was nothing wrong with Ted, in fact he is always good at his craft.

Outstanding candidates at the HARAPAN 2010 Presidential Debate

Generally, the presidential debate went fine and some presidential aspirants have truly shown the competence and leadership to govern the country. However, one could see and say that some were simply a nuisance. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

I am honestly exasperated when someone asked me about the recent massacre in Maguindanao and would insist that Mindanao is certainly a dangerous place to go.  So annoying indeed when people give out a conclusion on something they don’t exactly know about or at least exert considerable efforts to read as regards to it, to get a logical picture of the whole thing.

map of mindanao with emphasis on Maguindanao

I would suggest that those who are badly informed geographically should try to find a map and figure out how big is Maguindanao against the total land area of Mindanao. It’s a straightforward knowledge to start with before making any ignorant analysis.  Or maybe simply shut your mouth out. Well, you don’t need to ask me if I am angry, do you? Would it be intelligent to say that Luzon is an illegal drug sanctuary because of the many shabu laboratories raided in Cavite? Or is it fair to declare Visayas as Arroyo country if she only got massive votes in Cebu? And so it is mediocrity to call Mindanao a dangerous place if the facts reveal that only a small part of the island has armed conflicts, and where unfortunately the recent massacre happened in only one of its provinces. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Davao City today is thousands of miles different from what it used to be in the late 70’s until the mid 80’s.

Justice Hall of Davao City, in front of San Pedro Cathedral

As a matter of fact, the city was shortly considered the Nicaragua of the Philippines in the 80’s(Nicaragdao as a reference to barangay Agdao) due to lawlessness and hostilities.

Agdao's public market at an ordinary day

Criminalities were commonplace in the most parts of the suburbs, summary killings were widespread, and the communist movement had established its ranks and penetrated most of the major districts of Davao, those who did not cooperate in their cause were punished and tortured to death.   Fear and terror prevailed amongst its people and the city never dared to crawl to little progress. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

It is certainly not unusual but indisputably a commanding strength. The tandem of a father and daughter is exceptionally formidable. In fact, having one Duterte in the City Hall has proven more than competence and political will, and having two of them provide a public service twice the quality and effectiveness.

Rody and Sara Duterte, in one of their campaign sorties at the 2007 local elections.

And why not? The father-daughter leadership of Davao City is a perfect portrait of effective and responsible governance. Dabawenyos do not only enjoy the result of the Rody-Sara headship but also take pride and confidence to live in the most peaceful city in the Philippines. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

You do not need to find an Oxford dictionary to differentiate between the two words – ELECTION and VIOLENCE because syntactically they have different meanings and functionally disparate purposes.

military in armoured cars going to Maguindanao

But in a country where politics is equivalent to tremendous power, election equates violence, where ordinary people are helpless victims of the atrocities, and violence seems the most potent offensive to keep ones influence intact. (more…)