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by Earlie Doriman

Not a very sensible topic though. Ughh, but be mindful that the smallest thing on earth has something worthwhile to converse about, or perhaps a bigger story to tell.  Albert Einstein’s genius has declared about the remarkable concept of Relativity which to my mind does clasp the relative nature of size and its significance. If we are to get possessed with science, we all end up wearing white long beards with uncombed and uncut hair, plus reading glasses so thick to break. But, I don’t think the immense mind of Galileo would invest his time arguing about the chicken or egg paradox.  But you know what, some phony discussions make life brighter and free of pretence. (more…)


by Earlie Doriman

Our brain is undoubtedly the most powerful component of our body, but I do not mean there is anything less important. Every bit that makes up our anatomy is as significant as those which are very obvious like our eyes, or nose, or mouth. Here are some trivia about this most incredible creation in the universe.

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The big ball of fire we call SUN that we see everyday is just one of the billions of stars in the vast universe. Like our own planet Earth, it is also moving at a great pace around the galaxy.  Although as we observe it from our reference point on Earth it looks stationary, it is moving at an enormous speed of 8.0 x 10 5 km/h which means it could take a complete orbit in 250 million years.  It is believed to be moving in the direction of a star VEGA that follows its path which science called the Solar Apex.


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But this activity obviously is not the reason for sunset and sunrise.  We know that the Earth moves around its axis 24 hours a day, and revolve in its orbit around the sun 365 days a year.

The sun’s motion in this Solar Apex is not trouble-free, the rough distribution of matter in the milky way brings about bobbling up and down of the massive bodies in the solar system. This would mean that our planet is naturally exposed to being knocked by massive celestial debris.