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Just not what I used to do everyday, waking up 2AM and prepared myself for a long trip to England’s central city. I was heading for London not for a holiday but for a very necessary appointment at the office of the Philippine Embassy.  It was exactly 4 in the morning when the wheels of the Megabus started to go round and off the four hours journey began.

Embassy of the Philippines, Suffolk St., London SW1Y 4HG, UK

What is good about travelling so early in the morning is that you would not notice how time flutters especially if all you do is sit and sleep through out, though your bum starts to feel burning that give a little discomfort. (more…)


by Earlie

While the winter snow has temporarily calmed down, my camera has loads of the captured white fields.  It’s so lovely to see wide white flakes falling from heavens and slowly turning everything around you into a whole new place of glowing white and crystals.  Yes, that is the splendour of snowy lands.  Feeling the white cold grainy bits in my palm reminds me of the gorgeous ‘halo-halo’ back in the Philippines. Let me just share some of the snowy photos which have been frozen in my camera. (more…)

Few weeks later after November 22, 2007 (date I came to UK), my good kumpare Cesar Realista offered me a simple tour at some nice places close to where we live so I had the chance to leisurely walk around one of the popular tourist destinations of the country –BLACKPOOL. It is


Blackpool at night with the stunning wheel and tower

a coastal town in Lancashire, which has so much of historical significance to the country way back at World War I. This gorgeous place is about 40 miles from Manchester. I have learned that the name BLACKPOOL must have been given to the place from a famous drainage channel that stretched over a peat bog or mire releasing discoloured water into the Irish Sea which eventually formed a black pool. (more…)