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The ROCHDALE FILIPINO COMMUNITY or RFC, is a non-political, non-profit organisation of all Filipinos and British-Filipinos presently living and working in Rochdale, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

The goal of the organisation is to foster friendship and cooperation amongst all Filipinos and British-Filipinos in Rochdale area. Its objectives are: initiate events that encourage and advocate family values, become active participants in the programs of Rochdale Council, and promote Filipino culture in all of its  activities.

SET OF OFFICERS (2008-2009)

President: Amado Reyes

V-President: Jerry Moises

Secretary: Janice

Treasurer: Gerry Realista

Auditor: Jeffrey Aparis


Leah Bachoco

Clay Dumanjug

Michelle Shepherd

Business Managers

Audie Diaz

Jun Abo

Noel Bernales


X-MASWHAT:  RFC Christmas Party

WHEN: 20th December, 2009

WHERE: JD Hall, Whitehall Street, Rochdale

TIME: 6:00 PM

All RFC members are invited to join the traditional Filipino X’mas party on the abovementioned date and venue.  Children/Kids (0-12 years old) are required to wear their best  CHRISTMAS COSTUMES.

Every household is to contribute £10 only for the activity’s expenses such as payment for the venue and DJ. The treasurer will be collecting the said amount on or before 15th December 2009, or payment could be given to any RFC officers available in your area. (NOTE: All pensioners are exempted from giving the £10 contribution.)

We shall be having raffle tickets on the night which will only cost  1.0 pound for each ticket and get the chance to win one of our X-mas hampers.

Jovi Diaz is assigned as chairwoman for the food committee with the assistance of Leah Bachoco (SYKE AREA), and Vicky Pidliswyij (CASTLETON AREA), Jovi will get in touch with other areas.

Since many games will be played for the kids and adults, every member is encouraged to give any item(chocolates, toys, wine, etc.) for the respective prizes.

If you have more queries regarding the X’MAS PARTY, please feel free to ask any of the RFC officers.  Or may post a comment at the bottom of this page. Thank You Very Much.




(!!!!Watch out for more photos next week!!!!!)


At the RFC Summer Fun, St Patricks Hall, Rochdale

The RFC Summer Fun is usually held in the month of October where Filipino families of Rochdale converge at an announced venue for an excitement-filled Sportsfest.  Filipino Parlor games are played which are participated in by both young children, teenagers, and adults.  Prizes are at stake to every winner. This whole day activity starts at 8:00AM and ends at 5:00PM.


RFC Members joined Madonna Decena on the floor as she exploded her rendition of the broadway favourite 'I will Survive'

Madonna Decena, a Filipina finalist in the famous Britain’s Got Talent was a special guest of the Summer Fun. She rendered three songs to the satisfaction of everybody.


Young and old alike had so much fun at the Sportsfest...In the picture are:Lucille, Ate Vicky,Janice, Leah Bachoco & son Noah,Maymay Realista,and others...


Hahahaha..its the blogger's turn on the floor with Madonna Decena obviously amused by the dance move...OPPPSSS sorry. Mr President Amado Reyes (extreme left) was equally entertained by the production number.


Kids are anxiously waiting for the next game..Dale Aparis was listening to the instructions very carefully. In the photo:Cloie,Angela,Julian,Mat-Mat.


Eating time follow the queue please...Oooopppsss, who's first on the line....It's Clay Dumanjug...Yeheyy...winner by unanimous decision.


The birthday celebrant Audie Diaz (center), was surprised when the Hot Papa's of Rochdale gave him a dance number.In the picture: Bopip, Earl, Nilo, Teng,Jun, Felix, Edgar, Arman,and Caloy.


Still on Audie's BIG Day. A dance move that could melt the winter snow, the pride of Rochdale, the BIBA HUTMEN. In the photo: Bopip(agen?), Earl(agen din?),Cesar,Nilo(agen ulit?),Teng(na naman!),Noel,and Edgar (na naman agen.)


Every year,and anywhere in the world, when its Christmas, Filipinos celebrate it with a style..If the Europeans do have costume party on the Halloweens, the RFC have their own way of commemorating the birth of Christ….A FANCY FANCY COSTUME X-MAS.  Held at JD Hall along Whitehall St., the different characters of the night outshining each other in the most colourful RFC Christmas to date.


The cast of the Pirates of the Latina Mermaid and the Pink Panthers in China....Jerry Moises as the Pirate, Ate Vicky as the Mermaid, Clay as the wife of Mao Tse Tung , Philippa and Clarissa as the Pink Panthers.


The meeting of the east and the west, the fairytale and the pirate, the guerilla and superwoman. In the photo: Hazel the fairytale, Nilo the pirate, Sahara from the west, Jovi from the East, Lucille the guerilla, and Teng the Superwoman.


Filipino kids honestly  enjoy the play area of the Mischief Makers, one of the favourite places for children’s birthday parties, christening, and simple fun.





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