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No matter how busy your day, no matter how poorly you’re feeling, FACEBOOK, more often than not, is always a part to one’s way of life – the FB generation as I call it.

Undoubtedly, FACEBOOK is the most popular social networking site today.  There are more than 500 million active users to date and this number keeps growing every single day. Mark Zuckerberg, the main founder of FB continues to get wealthy as his virtual lounge unsurprisingly attracted a massive fraction of the world’s living population. (more…)


by Earlie Doriman

Millions of people around the globe have found social networking sites attractive and relaxing.  Nowadays, most computer users spend much of their internet time either chatting or exchanging messages through these media. And honestly speaking I am a big fan of Facebook because I find it easy, practical, and entertaining.  With Facebook, I am able to create a channel to my long lost friends, relatives, family, and classmates from many years back. And if one wants some challenges, games are also available for you to enjoy. BUT BE CAREFUL, computer worms don’t get terminated, they only evolve and modify themselves into various disguises to be hardly suspected. (more…)