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by Earlie Doriman

Heidi Mendoza in a senate hearing. (photo courtesy of yahoo images)

She maybe small but she is definitely a giant in moral principle.  An ordinary COA (Commission on Audit) auditor with extraordinary task. And that particular task made her life, career, family, and principle, put into a stringent ordeal. Yet, she stands tough, (more…)


Former AFP Budget Officer George Rabusa testifying alleged corruption involving high-ranking AFP generals (photo from yahoo images)

By Earlie Doriman

I still believe there is hope for our country. Whilst this massive corruption alarm, allegedly consummated by these high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), I nonetheless trust with conviction that someday the ordinary Filipino people will find justice and integrity in this broken nation. Tall order indeed! (more…)

by Earlie Doriman

Whilst Filipinos are still in euphoria over Manny Pacquiao’s impressive victory against the much bigger Puerto Rican boxing champ in the full packed MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas last Sunday, 15th Nov, 2009, politicians and wannabes are making their way into the scenes and desperately trying their best to let the voting public feel their presence even to the extent of appearing like silly cows.  Why do they still have the nerves to pretend they have the nicest intentions of serving the nation when in truth and in fact, they are just bunch of selfish, unscrupulous monsters which silently devour the nation into their own empires and command? Politicians who promise today and forget their words tomorrow, when they have the desired positions in their hands.  (more…)