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by Earlie

While the winter snow has temporarily calmed down, my camera has loads of the captured white fields.  It’s so lovely to see wide white flakes falling from heavens and slowly turning everything around you into a whole new place of glowing white and crystals.  Yes, that is the splendour of snowy lands.  Feeling the white cold grainy bits in my palm reminds me of the gorgeous ‘halo-halo’ back in the Philippines. Let me just share some of the snowy photos which have been frozen in my camera. (more…)


by  Earlie Doriman

Filipinos, where ever they may be in the world, celebrate Christmas the traditional way.  In spite of the heavy snow and more than 10cm of freezing white flakes on most of UK’s roads, the Rochdale Filipino Community (Manchester City) held its annual Christmas Party yesterday with lots of fun, prizes, and surprises.

Young Pinoys Dyan Tabor, Onil Bachoco, Noah Bachoco, and Friends enjoying the party

In attendance were Filipino families, British friends, and invited guests who did not only enjoy the food and games, but were also awed by the presentations rendered by both the young ones and ‘once youngs’. (more…)

by Earlie Doriman


I tried to close my eyes as the plane was soaring placidly, but however I faked it, faces of all the people I left behind seemed to be waving in front of me.   It was very knotty to convince myself that I was ok because honestly, right at those moments, I had the mixed feelings of loneliness and excitement.


My first feel of snow at Falinge Park, Rochdale (photo by BOPIP)

The person next to me might have noticed it, that she asked me where I was heading? I told her, am going to the United Kingdom to follow my wife. Then our conversation just went on and for the time being I was back to myself talking to the lady in her 50’s about what she called ‘Exodus of the FITTEST’ (I will make a post about this title next time).  She was actually referring to the millions of Filipinos who are looking for a greener pasture abroad, leaving their families behind and maybe adding the growing figures of broken homes. She was an intelligent conversationalist and time was never enough to discuss more profound issues with her. (more…)